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We are a grassroots organization of Pleasanton residents who want to preserve Pleasanton's quality of life. We have no backing or financial support from special interest groups or developer dollars.

If you would like add your name to our supporter list, please please email us.

Partial list of supporters..

Cindy McGovern
Kris Weaver
Steve Brozosky
Matt Sullivan
Philip Blank
Kay Ayala
Chris Bourg
Mike LaMarche
Betsy Everett
Bill Rasnick
Donna Taylor Webber
Lee Fulton
Margo Tarver
John Butera
Laura Danielson
Matt Morrison
Pam Grove
Greg O'Connor
June Thompson
Brian Arkin
Karla Brown
Phil Palin
Phyllis Ho
Sharon Pilarski
Joan Klenk
Denise Howe
Andrew B. Kincaid
Karen Martens
Bonnie Krichbaum
Anne Fox
Kelly Cousins
Mike Brown
Jeanine Rivera
Jim Amos
Judy Dollard
Richard Pugh
Susan Lund
Rick Bentley
Carolyn Lincoln
Phil Bowman
Valerie Arkin
Kayla Mueller
Lou Astbury
Marti Evans
Richard Morse
Megan Williams
Madhu Dhillon
Rob Couches
Terri Maxoutopoulis
Tim Belcher
Sue Benterou
Edward McCauley
Susan Chavez
Patricia Bacon
Allen Roberts
Carolyn Newton
Brian Bourg
Michelle Grupe
Mike Dawson
Janeen Morse
Kate Selway
Richard Danielson
Janet Brown
Michelle LaMarche
Doug Jennings
Jaylene Groeniger
Jeff Nibert
Alicia Sheehan
Don Norcross
Kathleen Lesser
Jay Galvin
Nancy Wilson
Ed Janas
Katrina Edwards
James Dillon
Gail Olney
Sue Janas
Mary Elmer
Andrew J. Kincaid
Emily Carson
Anne Childs
Bob Grove
Julie Rasnick
Frank Belecky
Nancy Metz
Chris Arkin
Lisa Olson
Jeff Newton
Teresa Oliver-Merrill
Jim Benterou
Karen Steele
David Everett
Karen Daskurdas
Julie Jennings
Bruce Lesser
Judy Mazza
Bill Lincoln
Joan Gissendaner
Ed McGovern
Lisanne Kheirolomoom
Debara Lutkinhouse
Janet O'Connor
Ralph Woods
Carl Klenk
Bob Howe
Jesse Chavez
Karen Ellgas
Leslie Coonan
Fred Krichbaum
Julie Testa
Gordan Lund
Mary Roberts
Judy Merrigan
Bob Fusco
Doug McEtchin
AnneMarie Gallagher
Dan Ayala
Madelyn Ellis
Bob Klotz
Patti Norcross
Todd Brebner
Pauline Schroeder
Warren Straight
Penny Nordin
Rosalie Kowatch
Russ Schmidt
Rose Moen
Sandee Mcneil
James Frost
Steven Mayo
Beverley McCauley
William Carson
Mick Hanou
Keith & Nancy Roach
Chris Cooper
Yvette Sisneroz
Laura Borges
Astra Lincoln
Joan and Carl Klenk
Jim Simone
Arlene Thompson
Lois and Harry Lutz
Mark Priscaro
Briana Baxter
Robert Hansen
Gerry and Randy Bauman
Carl B Corman
Reena Sekhon
Tony Slimick
Sandy Nunn
John Carroll



9000 sq ft home in the Oakland Hills. Is this what we want on our ridges?

NO, this is not what we want!

We look forward to working with developer and the community to find a solution that is consistent with the general plan, PP and is acceptable to the Pleasanton residents.

Bulldozers are lined up


They will have to go elsewhere!

Sierra Club don't violate PP

The regional, branch of the Sierra Club says not to violate measure PP with a road on steep slopes or within 100' of a ridge.

What can you do?

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If you are interested in helping save Pleasanton's ridgelines, please email us.

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We need funds to educate the voters about saving Pleasanton's Hills. If you would like to donate, please send a check to:

Save Pleasanton Hills
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Pleasanton, CA 94566


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