After the developer sued the City to prevent the referendum, 54% of the voters rejected the ridgetop development.

The Valley Times, The Independent and Tri-Valley Herald  say VOTE NO!

Don't Mess with our Ridges

The Oak Grove Development proposed to build 51 homes on the ridges of the rolling hills on the south side of Pleasanton (see grading map). These homes could have been as large as 12,500 sq ft (this doesn't include garages). Currently Pleasanton has very few homes this large. The project proposed that homes can be three stories tall for a total height of 44'. These will be massive structures, placed directly on our ridges. Currently, nearly all Pleasanton homes are limited to 35' and two stories. See the video

The developer said in their campaign material that the schools will get $2,000,000 and Pleasanton will get $1, 000, 000 in traffic mitigation. There is no agreement with the school district on fees, so the amount is much less that $2,000,000, it is limited to $2.92/sq ft which would be less than $1,000,000 even if the maximum size house were built. Furthermore. those fees could only be used for capital improvements, not to fix the school budget woes. The traffic fees would mostly be spent a new signal and traffic calming on Hearst drive and unlikely to help other traffic issues in Pleasanton.

To make the project attractive, the developer proposes to provide 496 acres of open space to Pleasanton. However the open space is not really a "gift", because it is currently open space and is not usable to the developer anyway because some of it is  outside the urban growth boundary, it is far from existing roads and it is very steep. The developer is putting these mega-mansions on the ridgetops and dedicating areas as open space which for the most part are not visible anywhere but to the homes on the project. So Pleasanton doesn't keep the hills as open space. Instead there will be a ridgeline full of extremely large structures looming over existing neighborhoods and visible from many parts of the city.

The developer makes a big deal that only 58 trees will be cut down for the project, but leaves out two key facts about that number. Only the largest and mature (heritage) trees were counted, so trees less than 35' tall were not counted. Also this is only the count for installing the roads, not the homes themselves. Many of the proposed lots have many trees which would have to be removed to build a house and a yard. Some of these trees are hundred or more years old will be "replaced" with seedlings which will take years and years to grow to the same size and height.

9000 sq ft home in the Oakland Hills. Is this what we want on our ridges?

NO, this is not what we want!

We look forward to working with developer and the community to find a solution that is consistent with the general plan, PP and is acceptable to the Pleasanton residents.

8 Reasons to Vote NO!

The developer touts the 8 reasons to vote yes, but these are actual 8 of the many reasons to vote NO. Click here

Bulldozers are lined up


They will have to go elsewhere!

Sierra Club says NO Oak Grove

The local, regional, state and national branches of the Sierra Club urge you to Vote NO on Oak Grove because of the negative impact on the ridges and environment of Pleasanton's hills. Read their newsletter.

Learn the facts about the flyer

The glossy flyer sent Pleasanton residents shows the current hills, but what will happen to those hills and trees if Oak Grove is built? Click here 

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