Save Our Park Flyer

The developer mass mailed a flyer to the residents of Pleasanton. The flyer urged residents to not sign the petition to "Keep Our Park". The photo on the flyer was a very beautiful hillside.

What is not  said is that if Oak Grove is built nothing in this photo will be the same. This photo was taken on what is going to be lot 44. The hillside on the left in the photo will be loaded with mega-mansions for lots 40, 38, 37, 36, 35. The hill to the right is proposed to be graded flat for lots 44, 46, 47 and 48.

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Click on photo for a larger viewGrading plan for photo area

The flyer urges residents to get informed. That is absolutely true.  Please Vote NO on D to save our hills!

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Actual photo of area in flyer showing lot numbers and trees and hills to be removed by development.


9000 sq ft home in the Oakland Hills. Is this what we want on our ridges?

NO, this is not what we want!

We look forward to working with developer and the community to find a solution that is consistent with the general plan, PP and is acceptable to the Pleasanton residents.

Bulldozers are lined up


They will have to go elsewhere!

Sierra Club don't violate PP

The regional, branch of the Sierra Club says not to violate measure PP with a road on steep slopes or within 100' of a ridge.

What can you do?

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